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Help copying same information from one field to another depending on drop down box entry


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Hello all,

I have a form for animal bites. The form contains a repeating subform for entering a persons information (name, address, date of birth, telephone, etc.).  There is also a checkbox to check if the person was injured.  If the box is checked another subform will show to enter treating doctor information.  In the subject part there is a drop down field to select the persons type (C = complainant, V = victim, AO = animal owner, OP = other person, W = witness). There will only be one of each C, V, and AO, with the C and V possibly being the same person depending on the situation.  If there is a separate complainant and victim, the complainant will be the first subject, the victim the second and the animal owner should be third (if they are known). 

I need the doctor information to be directly below the subject where the injury box is checked.  So, if the first person is injured and the second person is the animal owner, I need the doctor field to be directly below subject #1 and then subject #2 below that.  I have figured out how to make this happen and now for my issue.

There is another page to the form that goes to the county animal control department.  This form contains some of the information already entered in the subject(s), doctor and animal fields.  I am trying to have this information automatically filled in on the county form.  The issue I am having is because the code for the subjects may be in a different order, on one report subject #1 may be a complainant and victim so it would be a code of C and the second subject would be AO.  And another report the first subject is C, the second is V and the third is AO.  Also, the number of subject fields may be different on each report taken because it depends on how many subjects were involved.  The county form has a different section for the person bitten, the doctor, the person reporting, the animal owner and the animal itself.  I need the appropriate information from the report to copy to the appropriate section on the county form depending on the code used.  I haven't been able to figure this out after much searching.  I can get it to kind of work, but it only uses the first subject and none of the others that are added. 

I can send a copy of the form if needed.

Thank you for any and all help,


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I would need to see the form but I'll try and help if you will send it to me.