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Heavy performance issues using Adobe Interactive Form PDFs generated by SAP BPM


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Dear experts,

we use Adobe Interactive Form PDFs (generated with LiveCycle Designer) as Human Tasks within SAP BPM processes. The PDFs are generated and transmitted correctly, but when they are opened at the receivers PC, Windows freezes for 2-3 minutes, then the PDF opens and can be filled out and sent back. The next PDFs can be opened much faster, but when the PC is restarted, we get the same problem again. We use Adobe Reader XI (11.0.2) on our clients; is their any know performance issue?

Please note, that we have this problem with EVERY Adobe Interactive Form PDF... I created a simple PDF containing just a field and the client PC still freezes. So it can't be in the form or the scripting. Normal static PDFs can be opend without any problems.

Best regards,


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