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header row at the bottom of page


Level 1

Hello everyone.

I've searched for help but couldn't find so maybe you can:

I made a table, and i did the following:

allow page breaks + include header in inital+subsequent pages.

I got a problem when the header is the last row in the page - so i got something look like this (the print screen is from excel because its not the same computer i use for adobe...):

header with no rows.png

as you can see - at the first page ive got the header, without any rows. ( they can enter there, so it goes to the next page...)

if i uncheck allow page break - in the first page ill get lots of space because the whole table will go to next page.

maybe with some javascript i can solve it??

Thank you for you help!

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Level 10

I've found with Header rows that sometimes you need to use the "keep with next" option on the Pagination tab for the Header row.