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Have you ever made 3 mistakes in a row?


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I volunteered to make a form for an organization because I thought I could figure out how to do it. (No one else had a clue how to even begin).

I created a form to be filled out and submitted by email. I tested it on my computer and it worked ok, so I sent it out to 15 people. I guess the reason it worked on mine is because acrobat opened it instead of reader (??)

Anyway, it didn't work on the first one, so I revised the form and re-sent it with my "oops".

Then I discovered that in my haste to get it corrected, I had attached the wrong file to that second email, so I sent a 3rd one with apologies.

Guess what? I had forgotten to re-configure 2 of the text boxes for multiple lines. When they started coming in, I realized my mistake.

Now for my question - Is there any way to copy and paste or change the destination of the 'dataset' to a revised 'pub' file or any other way to import thee data without having to retype everything myself into the revised format?

Thanks, I appreciate any suggestions,


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