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Ghosted Gray Italic Help Text


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I create forms with gray (ghosted) italic help text telling the user additional information. When the text field is entered, the help text disappears and the user can enter normal black text in its place. This works fine for plain text. Now I am trying to do the same thing with rich text. At times, the caption also turns to gray italic text like the value and I can't find what is causing this problem. The caption should never be gray italics but rather should always be blck normal posture text. Here's the script:

LPA.Q1.AuditIssueInfo.HowEscaped::initialize - (JavaScript, client)
//When wanting the field to use Rich Text: disappearing help text:
this.format.picture.value = "null{'" + this.assist.toolTip.value + "'}";

LPA.Q1.AuditIssueInfo.HowEscaped::enter - (JavaScript, client)
this.fontColor = "0,0,0";
this.font.posture = "normal";
if (this.rawValue === this.assist.toolTip.value) {
          this.rawValue = "";

LPA.Q1.AuditIssueInfo.HowEscaped::exit - (JavaScript, client)
if (this.isNull)
this.fontColor = "153,153,153";
this.font.posture = "italic";
this.caption.font.fill.color.value = "0,0,0";
this.caption.font.posture = "normal";
if (this.rawValue === null) {
          this.rawValue = this.assist.toolTip.value;

LPA.Q1.AuditIssueInfo.HowEscaped::prePrint - (JavaScript, client)
this.format.picture.value = "";

LPA.Q1.AuditIssueInfo.HowEscaped::postPrint - (JavaScript, client)
this.format.picture.value = "null{'" + this.assist.toolTip.value + "'}";

Can anyone see what is causing the caption to change too?

Thank you

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