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Getting the form to flow correctly ;>(


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Good Day all;

Have a wee bit of a problem with the flow of a form. Here is what I have;

Single page for reporting on projects. On the following dropdowns, cost, resources, time, and scope the use selects if they status is green, yellow or red. If the user selects anything other than green, a hidden textbox opens for an explanation. This is set of each dropdown.

The user also has the ability to report on more that one project. To do so, they would click on a button at the bottom.

Also when the user clicks on the button to report on a new project, the form is added to a new page.

This is my problem. When I select pagination – go to next content area or go to next page, the form automatically moves everything below the subform to the second page.


Untitled_subform (page1)


            |           Table1














What I would like to have happen is, if the user wants to add a project the new p_status_subform moves to a new page and the n_project_subform moves below.

I hope I have explained this right

Thanks all


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I may have not understood your issue right...however I would try this....

I would have two copies of the repating subform however first insatance would be set to not to repeate but always prints....the second instance would repeate however set the Min to 0 and associtate the button to instanciate the second instance each time it is clicked. Then set the repeating subform to launch on the Next page with each apperiance in the pagination as you already set.

Hope that helps if not email me copy of your form with more details at n_varma(AT)lycos.com

Good luck,


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Thanks Varma_LC;

Just have a couple of questions.....

The second subform, would it be better to copy & past the first subform or should I maunally redo the second subform.

Should the second subform be initially placed on the second page or directly below the first subform?

Thanks again



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Those are simple instructions....I would copy from the existing subform and rename it to some thing and update the code accordingly. Also I am guessing with your current form settings the copy will just follow the existing subform then when you update Pagination settings to "Top of Next Page" the subform automatically positions it self to new page. I would first explore little bit before I come up with such questions.


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Thanks again Varma….

These questions all started because I was trying to get away from the form generating a blank “last page”. I had  one subform with the pagination set to “On After” = Go to next page. When the user would add a project, the next “blank” form would go to the top of the next page but I would still end up with a blank page (it had the headers that were added to the master page).

I had done a fair amount of “exploring prior to asking the question. I had copied the subform and renamed the second subform to (example form_2). In the pagination tap I turned on Repeat Subform set the “Min count to 1. The first subform (example form_1), I turn off the Repeat Subform. The problem I was having was, when I click on the button “Add Project” I was getting the following error:

ReferenceError: form2_subform is not defined


I was asking the question to determine if I had started the whole thing wrong by coping the subform.

Once I received your answer I now knew it was something else I was not doing correctly. After some playing around I put the “Add Project” button on the bottom of the Master Page and everything seemed to work correctly. I admit, I could have changed other things (without thinking about it).

The last (I hope) thing I would like to do is have is the user to start out with 1 subform showning when they first open the form. I have explored different options under the pagination tab.

Setting the “Min Count to 0 – This would give me the subform is not defined error

Setting the “Min Count to 1 and the Initial Count to 0. Same subform not defined error


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Sorry for the misunderstanding...

I guess you need to have following settings....

Header>>>>Non repeating: automatically prints one time on the first page

Subform1>>>>Non repeating: automatically prints one time on the first page

Copy of Subform1>>>repeating: min=0, initial = 0, max: unchecked, always print on Top of next page

Footer that has the Button>>>Non repeating: always prints at the end of the form

Hope this helps...if I did not get your question right shoot me an email with copy of your form at n_varma(AT)lycos.com

Good luck,