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Getting an error message


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So I created this form and I've had some difficulties getting some of the quirks out, but overall have gotten most everything fixed.  This is an application form that is filled out for grants.  I just had an applicant call me today about an error message she has been getting on this form.  It's on a particular page that I created that has 2 tables on which additional rows can be added or deleted based on the needs of the applicant.  She has someone else creating the original timeline and then was editing it when she started getting this error message.  This message popped up anytime she tried to edit text or even scroll on the page.  Very frustrating.  I honestly have no idea what the error message means.  I have included a screen shot of the page and the error message.  When all the extra lines in the two tables were deleted so they were once again on one page, the error message stopped.  Does anyone have some insight as to why this error might have been popping up or what it means?  Is this just some quirk or is there something that I need to go into the form design and fix?  Thanks for the help!Application error.jpg

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