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GetSpaceContents Efficiency


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Hi old chaps!

I was just wondering about the most optimal use of the GetSpaceContents call, particularly when faced with a huge number of documents.

After doing some timing and testing, it seems that it takes approximately 13.5ms to fetch a single space - some examples:  76ms for 6 files, 141ms for 10 files, and the main one which is causing me a problem - 41125ms for 3040 files.

I understand that this is probably a situation that should be avoided, but with the system I'm working with this could easily be possible across multiple folders.  The GetSpaceContents function itself seems rather lacking in parameters & options, and I wondering if anyone else knows of a more effective way to list content when faced with such large amounts of spaces?

Paging the documents would be one way to achieve a more timely response from Livecycle, but the getSpaceContents function doesn't allow you to limit the amount of content retrieved, it seems?


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