Get subform to print but only when printing to PDF



Hi all,

I'm trying to get a subform to display on print which works fine using the relevant="+print" command in XML, however I only want the subform to print when printing to PDF using Adobe PDF as the printer, is this possible with Javascript? If so what's the best method to do this?

Basically I annotate the field names on top of form fields so that people know what each field name is but I don't want these to appear when printing the document out on to paper, I only want them to display if the document is printed to PDF (for a flattened version of the form)... Usually a document I create contains about 30 or so fragments so adding a check box to enable relevant="+print" would be a lengthy process... My current method of annotating the forms is by printing a flattened version of the form to PDF, then bring that back into LiveCycle and then create new fragments that layer over the old form with the annotations on, if anyone can come up with a better method than that (other than getting the print option to work) then you'd make me a very, very happy man.

Many thanks in advance.

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