Get current master page number in formcalc/Javascript



I have two master pages in my Adobeform and i need to get the current master page number to assign that value to the field in subform of bodypage.

i have tried below things to get current master page number and total count of current master page but it is giving page numbers including all the master pages.

$ ( ref ( $ ) )--->giving current page number(including all master pages)

$layout.pageCount()--> total page count(including all master pages)

Kindly provide the logic to get the current master page number and count.

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Accepted Solutions (1)






so I guess you're trying to get the n-th instance of a master page used as background of a specific form page? In that case you'll need a combination of several scripting methods to find out. 

Given you have a field somewhere in the form, to display the current index the script looks this way: 


this.rawValue = xfa.layout.pageContent( xfa.layout.absPage(this).toString(), "pageArea", true).item(0).index + 1;


How it works:

Determine the 0-based-page number of the field with xfa.layout.absPage(this) and convert it to a string with toString(). Then get a node list of page areas used for that page with xfa.layout.pageContent( …, "pageArea", true). Now select the first item of that node list by item(0) and return it's 0-based index number and add 1.


Simple, isn't it?! 😉