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Generating PDF with Flex App (swf) embedded


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Does anyone has the experience in developing a Flex Application that is to be

embedded into a PDF and open in the Reader/Acrobat for data capturing?

How to embed the Flex Application (swf) into a PDF in a Livecycle process?

With the XML data prepopulated into the PDF (embedded with a schema) and

accessible by the Flex Application when open in Reader/Acrobat.

Users will still be able to save the data filled in the Flex Application into the PDF

and also to generate a XML data (with data capturing in the Flex App) to be

submitted back to the server.

How can these be achieve? Any example?

Thanks alot.

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Just wondering, am I in the correct section of the forum? it seems like most of the discussions listed here are related to form designing rather than form rendering.

I know this is FORMS ES section, just that i come across something that might related to the topic.

Has anyone try out Adobe LiveCycle PDF Generator ES2 new features?

Based on Adobe Upgrade Center http://www.adobe.com/products/livecycle/upgrade/pdfgenerator.html, it mentioned that PDF Generator ES2 has the ability to embed SWF files in PDF.

But is this also applicable to Flex Application compiled SWF file?

Does the generated PDF function as a normal interactive form?

Able to retain its embedded schema and objects (scripts)?

I will try to install LC ES2 to try out but need sometime to setup the system, really appreciate if someone can give me a head start.