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Generating and updating a barcode programmatically.


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Hi ,

We want to fill an encrypted form programmatically that also includes a bar code. This form was not created by us , its a government agency form. The bar code (pdf417) on this form would get updated as user fills form in adobe reader.



We tried different public apis to fill the form , however our sucess was limited as it's an encrypted form. With one of the apis we used , the generated pdf would show the filled data when pdf is opened in browser , but the forms appear empty when the pdf is downloaded and opened in adobe reader.

Question1 : Is it possible to programmatically fill an encrypted form and if yes, it is possible to fill it in such a way that bar code is generated and would get updated after user updates it in pdf reader.

We created our own version of this form to circumvent this.Our form did not include a bar code in the pdf but we are able to fill  programmatically and also generate a pdf417 bar code programmatically using itext api.

Question 2: Next we want the generated bar code to automatically get updated when the user downloads the pdf , and makes changes to the data that was programmatically filled. Is this possible. If yes how can we go about it.

Question 3. What are the minimum set of adobe licences we would need to achieve this. We are budget constrained.

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