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It seems I've hit a roadblock in a form I am currently working on.

I'm using the Formcalc GET function to download the contents of a web page (it's actually the results of an sql query on a web page). From here, I'm not sure what to do with the downloaded html. If i save the downloaded information as a .html text document (notepadfile.html), when it opens in my browser the html is correctly formatted.

Thoughts I've had:

- Is there a way to add html support to livecycle?

- Can I open the results of the GET function directly into a web browser?

- Can I save/attach the contents of a text field as a .html and open it all through scripting?

I'm no javascript/formcalc expert so this may be an easy issue. Any help would be appreciated!

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Maybe look at creating an attachment object, Acrobat DC SDK Documentation  and then opening it Acrobat DC SDK Documentation .

I've note tried it but I have parsed the response and loaded up the form data DOM to display the results within the form