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Form Validation


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I have two forms.  One functions as I hoped it would, whereas the other does not.

I have fields and radio buttons set to user required.

Border color is set through - Form properties> Form validation> Options> Color failed fields and I have selected a border color(orange) with background set to no highlight color.

So, on one form, clicking submit will highlight failed fields with the color of my choice(orange). When I enter data, the highlight/border disappears. GOOD

The other form, fields that fail validation have a thick red border, sometimes with the orange border at the same time. When I enter data, the highlight/border remains. BAD

I've had a look at both forms with my limited knowledge of XML, javascript, formcalc.  I've compared both XML side by side and can't see the problem.  I do not know what I've done different from one form to the next.


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