Form validation script no longer kicking in

CTA_VO 24-03-2015


I maintain a form in which there are some mandatory fields. I've integrated a script in this form that parses that all mandatory fields have been filled in when the form is saved. This script used to run properly, until the last 3 versions of the form when it  doesn't do anything.

I've made no changes to the script, haven't changed computer, but upgraded the LiveCycle Designer to CS3 (version 10.x).

Does anyone have any idea ?

Below is an extract of the script:

PIF.#variables[0].libFunctions - (JavaScript, client)

function ValidationObjet()


    var message = "Some mandatory information is missing in fields:"

    if (xfa.form.PIF.PdtCharacteristicsConfigDetails.FrontEnd.FrontEndTable.FrontEnd.Satellite.S atelliteType.rawValue == " Please select")


        message = message + "\n" + " - Satellite"



    if (xfa.form.PIF.PdtCharacteristicsConfigDetails.FrontEnd.FrontEndTable.FrontEnd.Cable.Cable Type.rawValue == " Please select")


        message = message + "\n" + " - Cable"



    if (xfa.form.PIF.PdtCharacteristicsConfigDetails.FrontEnd.FrontEndTable.FrontEnd.Terrestrial .TerrestrialType.rawValue == " Please select")


        message = message + "\n" + " - Terrestrial"


if (form.execValidate() == false)




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Hi there,

This could be anything, if you have changed anything in the design or miscalling the function...

use the try catch to look for any errors that might occur during the execution of the function

Handling JavaScript Exceptions

Hope this help!