Form flow help.



Hi one and all.

Could do with some Livecycle help please. Newbie question.

I have a series of sub-forms on a page. I control visibility of the sub-forms via check-boxes at the top of the page. This works fine.

I want to maintain the positions of the items within a given sub-forms hence I have set the sub form content to "positioned".

When a sub-form is de-selected via the relevant tick-box, I am trying to get the first selected sub-form to move up to where the first was or next available location in the page. This is to reduce the amount of print pages to the number of selected sub-forms.

I have the individual subforms marked as "Hidden - exclude from layout".

Would really appreciate some help on this.

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Probably the best advice i can give you and its something i have been doing for many years, is to build your flowed forms in tables. Using a table or multiple tables with different rows and cells is the best way to build a 'positioned' flowing form. You can make each table section a subform too.

By doing this, you can hide a table on a flowed form and everything should move up.