form created in LiveCycle won't work in Reader DC



I have a form created in LiveCycle Designer that people open up in Adobe Reader to fill out. When completed it has a button in it that people can click that should open up an email and attach the form to a specific address. The form use to work but since I went in and changed the address in LiveCycle that the form should go to, when people open it up in Reader DC, the email button no longer works. Can someone please tell me why this happened and how to fix the issue?

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Thank you for a zero sum answer. Suggesting what you did means you have zero understanding of the real issue. In the REAL world, it's not as simple as buying a few hundred copies of AcrobatPRO to distribute to all the users in the company.

On top of that, those of us in the corporate world simply cannot download and install software when we feel like it. We get told what we can use.

In my case alone, hundreds of existing users can no longer use Reader DC to send form Data as an XML email attachment (where it used to work in the previous version) to those that need to collect the data and complete the forms in other locations/states (managers, travel authorizations, HR, etc... ).





Seems to work fine for me, can only assume it's a preferences settings.  Under Edit ... Preferences ... Email Accounts, do you have anything set as the default.  Maybe "remove default" and see if you get the "send email using" dialog. Are you using the same machine with the older reader versions?  Just guessing, but would say it's a safe bet it's not a problem with DC.





Hello, I just had Acrobat DC installed on my work system and had the same problem, to make matters worse it was not even allowing digital signatures.

Happily I figured out the way ahead, it will not allow those things until you "Enable all Features" from the protective mode banner and or in settings.

Since this was done, I am able to do all that I had been able to under Adobe Pro XI.

Hope it helps.



Here is what I found out... not saying this is your solution but this is what worked for me.

I don't think it's a READER issue as Reader is just the vehicle... I think it's an issue with the creation & distribution of the form.

I have been creating Fillable forms for years using LiveCycle (presently running ES4 & Acrobat DC) and not that long ago all my forms started failing so naturally I took to the internet to figure it out (LiveCylce requires Acrobat to distill/create the forms correctly)

There was a lot of suggestions as to what "I was doing wrong" but as I had been doing the same thing for years, I knew it wasn't anything I was doing.

What I finally clued in to was my DISTRIBUTE option (in LiveCycle) was grey out and I only had the "publish to repository".

Without thought, I had started using "publish to repository" and that's when the forms started failing.

After searching and searching with no answers as to why the DISTRIBUTE was grey out, and trying to figure out a timeline of when this started happening, it finally clicked. It started happening when I upgraded to Acrobat DC. So naturally I uninstalled Acrobat DC and went back to Acrobat Pro XI and I am now BACK IN BUSINESS... the DISTRIBUTE option is now there again and I have fixed all of the forms that failed. All I had to do was go back into them and distribute them again.

in my opinion, there is a glitch with Acrobat DC so for now I'm staying with Acrobat Pro XI



I need to side with OP on this. Reader DC has a lot of issues with LCD forms, especially relating to scripts (barcodes not showing up, validations not working correctly, etc.). Many organizations that use these forms recommend downgrading to XI because of this issue, and so far Adobe has failed to correct it, as far as I know.




It is starting to sound like your organisation has done a custom install and disabled this bit of functionality. You should see options like;




In Acrobat Reader DC, Under the Edit > Preferences menu in Reader DC, there is only "Preferences > General".

If I go into General, there is no "Email Accounts" listed anywhere in there either.



Install Acrobat PRO DC and you will get to work it , I had same problem now I have no problem with my forms with it

remember there is difference between Acrobat Reader and Acrobat Pro your solution is with me dear

here, download it for your self

Download Adobe Acrobat free trial | Acrobat Pro DC



There is no error message at all.

Pressing the Button placed on the form should generate an email and attach an XML file. It does nothing. Click the button, nothing happens even after waiting a minute. (not to be confused with the email button in the menu/ribbon). It doesn't create a new mail message, and because of that, it doesn't attach any xml.

It still works in older reader, just not in DC.

livecycleSubmitEmailTest.pdf - Google Drive




The email of XML works fine for me in Reader DC, do you get any error messages?  Does it only happen on one machine?  Is it possible of you to share the form (upload it somewhere and add a link to it in this thread).





The functionality that no longer works did/does not depend on extensions at all. From the link Bruce provided (Bolded the pertinent info).

Submitting electronic forms

Some types of electronic form submission won’t work in Reader until the file has been extended. Reader enables you to submit XML data from a nonextended form.

(There are more references in this section regarding Reader being able to generate and send XML from a nonextended Form in this section vs attaching it as an extended PDF).

Non-extended forms allow (or used to - before the switch to DC) the user to press the 'Submit' button and have it generate an email with the XML as an attachment. We are not sending extended PDFs (which allows one to send the data as a part of the PDF). We are sending XML data using the capability allowed in the system already for nonextended forms.

Again, pressing the button to generate an email with the XML data from the form is the part that no longer works. It doesn't open an email window, and doesn't attach the XML data (form field data) to it. It still works in 10 and 11, but not DC.





As Bruce already said, you have to Reader-enable the form again to add the neccessary rights to your form that allow you the submit form data a XML.





Sounds like you need to apply the reader extensions again.  There are different levels of extensions, but sounds like you just need to use Acrobat.  The way you do that depends on the version, but there's a number of guides.  Here's one to start with Understanding Reader Extensions > Adobe LiveCycle Designer: Working with PDF and Acrobat