force vert scroll bar & good design reference



OK, yes I'm a self-taught nube with LiveCycle. After numerous tutorials and lots of reading, I know I need to code to force vertical scroll bars to appear as default on a multi-line text field. I'm a designer - not a coder- and I have yet to find an example to plagiarize work off of. Can somebody please show me how?

Also, I started by scanning a form and letting LC design a form from that. As I explore the hierarchy, I cannot decipher the magical, mystical logic as to how text and text fields are distributed amongst cells, paragraphs, and rows; why some tables get a header row and others have the header shoved into a body row; and so on. To further my education, can somebody also point me to a good treatise (preferable on-line) for basic best-practices for design within LiveCycle?

Thanks in advance!

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