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Flowable Paragraph


Level 2

I've tried using text fields combined with text to no avail.  Is a flowable paragraph like this possible where the bold words are user entered and expand or contract with the words on either side of it and certain fields are mandatory drop down choices?


County of Salt Lake §

On this 25th day of February, in the year 2014, before me Hugh Jass, a notary public, personally appeared, Barb Dwire, proved on the basis of satisfactory evidence to be the person whose name is subscribed to this instrument, and duly acknowledged to me that they/He/She have read and fully understand the foregoing power of attorney and executed the same of their/her/his own volition and for the purposes set forth therein.

Witness my hand and official Seal

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Employee Advisor


Have you considered Adobe Correspondence Management?

You can easily solve these kind of issues using the solution

Btw do you work for state of Utah?

Let me know if you need more info on the solution




Level 2

I don't work for the state of utah but I am a Notary.  I'm a beginner user of LiveCycle that learns everything the hard way or anotherwords with assistance from the experts that donate their time on the Forums.  Is ACM a plugin for LiveCycle -- I noticed the brief refers to www.adobe.com/livecycle ?


Employee Advisor

Oh ok

Then probably it is not the solution for you

Correspondence Mgmt is server side solution


Level 5

You can make this work, if you can pull your choice fields out of your Printable Body text and answer them above/below your printable text field.  You can then use the exit events of the Data Capture fields to set the rawValue of the in-stream text elements.

The printable body of text you are trying to create is then a series of 'Text' and 'Text Field' elements strung together in a flowable subform set to Western Text.  Be sure to set the Text Fields within the body to have widths that are shorter then the shortest expected value, and check the Auto-Fit for width.  All of the BOLD items in your example become Text Field elements.  Create a corresponding Data Capture element - either drop list, text field, etc for Name, Date, gender etc.

Depending on how much effort you wish to put into it, you can have a single Date field populate all the date text elements, a single Gender radio button populate all gender based text elements, etc.

This should let the printable body flow to the size of selected and entered text.

Set the Presence of your data capture elements to Visible ( Screen Only ), then they will not show when printing.

Depending on your requirements, you may need to play with your overall layout.

Your final screen image will appear different than the print image.

Hope this helps