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I have created a form with fillable fields that people in my company use.  Once this form is filled out, I have a regular button that grabs the form, throws it into an e-mail, including the customer name in the title, the body and bcc fields are all filled out.

Because some customers have not updated their Adobe, I need to have this form automatically 'flattened' into a *.pdf document with no manipulatable fields, etc.  Simply locking the fields does not work.  I need the submit button to truly 'flatten' the document right before it puts it into the e-mail.

How do I do this?

Thank you !!!

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Where do you find information on LiveCycle Server?

I can't seem to find it on Adobe's web site.... looking for pricing, etc for my purchasing dept.




Before I invest in Livecycle Server, etc... will that product work if I use it to create and program the form?    Once it's published out there on our intranet... will the form work properly for all users throughout our organization without having the program reside on their individual desktops?