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Hello everyone,

In my pdf form (adobe acrobat 9), I have several cells that ask for a date. I order for all the dates to be written the same way, I have put a validation model in place. The problem is that went people want to send the form and that one of those date cells is not properly entered, a error message appears but does not say where in the document (17 pages) the date cell has been wrongly entered. What can I do about this?

Thanks for your help


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Hi Bruce,

Thanks for your reply. I do not really understand what I should do. Is it for the end user to fiddle with his options under Reader? Because I do not see where I can do anything while editing my form under Designer. 

Form users before 9.1 I am not going to bother, it is to complicated for me.






Hi Ian,

When Reader 9.1 came out (in March 2009) they added a "Color Failed Fields" option under Form Properties ... Form Validation, in Designer you should be able to target Reader 9.1 under Form Properties ... Defaults.

Do you still have any user using Reader versions before 9.1?  If so you will probably have to write your own validation library.  Here are some links that might help get you started;

Validation Patterns: Part 1

and maybe

Customize a Validation Experience





Hello George,

I guess I am using a built-in date format. I am using a French version, so I just translated "modèle de validation" by "validation model". You can see what I mean on the screen shoot below.

Capture décran.png

Does that help ?

Thanks a lot




What do you mean by "validation model", exactly? You can set a up a date format for a field, either using one of the built-in ones or create a Keystroke/Format JavaScript yourself, or you could also use a custom Validation JavaScript. Another option is to use a script to check the fields for correctness when the submit button is clicked. With a custom script, you can provide the user more information in the error message. If you're using a custom script, it would be helpful to see what it is and we can suggest some revisions.