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Filtering responses in a text field


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Once again I need some guidance with my form please.

I have a form (audit report) with numerous radio buttons with 4 options each, NA, CN, PC and C.

Each represents a different answer to the question associated with the radio button.

This answer this then passes through to a text field next to the radio buttons.

In turn at the beginning of my form I have an executive brief giving a run down on findings from the different questions asked. These are a reflection of the text fields associated with the radio buttons.

These are represented as 2 text fields namely, Non-compliant (NC), partial – compliant (PC).

What I am getting now is a whole lot of “null” answers that change when one of the radio buttons are selected and reflects that answer associated with the selection, both NC and PC text fields are the same and I then have to edit it and delete the PC from the NC section and the same for the PC section.

What I would like to happen is that all the “nulls” are hidden and only when the answer representing the NC or PC buttons are selected, that those answer get represented through to the Non-compliant (NC), partial- compliant (PC) text fields in my executive brief. IE some sort of filter for each text filed that only displays the NC or PC answers.

Any help or guidance will be appreciated.

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