Filling in circles



Livecycle ES2.

Hello, I have found the code to fill in a rectangle and that works, but I seem to be struggling with filling in circles.

centre_rectangle.value.rectangle.fill.color.value = "255,255,0";

I have created a circle and named it "centre_circle", but it would appear that replacing the "..rectangle.fill..." with "" doesn't seem to work. = "255,255,0";

Nor does anything else I've tried:

centre_circle.fill.color.value = "255,255,0";

centre_circle.rectangle.fill.color.value = "255,255,0"

centre_circle.value.rectangle.fill.color.value = "255,255,0"

Is this a syntax error? Or can circles not be filled by JavaScript?

My customer actually wants triangles and hexagons, but assuming they are not an option..!

Any help would be very much appreciated.


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