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I have created a Watched folder. When I intentionally dropped files to the watched folders input folder, the files are not moving to stage or any other directories.

I have verified the permissions thing and even restarted the jboss twice.

Done below steps non sequentially to make the watched folder work.

1. Gave full permissions recursively to watched folder
2. Un-deployed and deployed back the watched folder application
3. Removed the application and did a fresh deployment of the watched fodler application
4. Restarted Jboss

But nothing helped me.

Can some one let me know what should be done for getting rid of this issue



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Accepted Solutions (1)




We knew that IDPScheduler will listen to the watched folders INPUT folder. But here on our LiveCycle machine the watched folders are been struck. So I thought there might be a problem with the IDPSchedulerService/SchedulerService.

So I followed below steps:

1. Login to workbench

2. From 'components' tab, stopped and started the SchedulerService component

3. Logged into adminui

4. Go to Home > Services > Applications and Services > Service Management

5. Stopped and started IDPSchedulerService

6. Undeployed all Watched folders on that livecycle server

7. Restarted the jboss

8. Deployed the watched folders

I did not find any issues after this and files are processing successfully.


Carter J

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Answers (2)



Thanks for the reply @Sozzled.

It is happening for every Watched folder on that machine, I have dropped files to different watched folders INPUT directory but files are getting struck in INPUT folder.

I don't think this might be a problem with the watched folder settings.



We suffered similar problems.  For ES3, SP2, the solution - crude as it was - was to either

1) Delete the endpoint and create a new one.

2) Keep changing variables within the endpoint and save it repeatedly until it gets going.

Good luck!