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File I/O or call outside script to get external data?


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I have a form that is used to mark the progress through a process. Part of this process involves scanning a barcode from a calibrated tool.  What I would like to do is grab the scanned barcode value from a text field and compare it to data from a csv file that contains a calibration date associated with that same barcode. I would like to get that date and put it in another text field on my form programmatically such that when my user scans their barcode a few seconds later, like magic the Cal date from the csv gets populated into "Cal Date text field associated with the barcoded tool.

I have a Perl script that works quite nicely if I could figure out how to invoke it via ES4's JavaScript implementation or if I could figure out how file I/O works in ES4's JavaScript I would just implement it there, but alas I have not had much luck in searching the JavaScript documentation that came with ES4 Designer to implement this sort of functionality in my form.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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