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Field won't calculate in ES4


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I have set a field to calculate a value via a script with the following:


I have used this exact formula and setup on other forms, however, this form, when I open it, it simply seems to be almost "bypassing" the field and doing nothing.

No calculation, no error. Nothing.

Can anyone help?

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have you tried looking at the Javascript debugger, open the form and press CTRL+J and then click the button and see if any errors show.


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Hi MinusZero,

I was able to figure this out earlier today.

The final line

this.value = Final.toFixed(2) ;

should have been

this.RawValue = Final.toFixed(2) ;

Thank you for your reply.

I'm not quite sure how I got away with it working in previous forms since I copied it exactly lol


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LOL, as long as it works i never question these things