Facing issues upgrading generatePDFOutput process from Livecycle workbench ES2 to ES4 with dynamic selection of input document from repository




We are trying to migrate workbench process from ES2 to ES4, We are facing an issue in passing the input  variables for generatePDFOutput process as Document data type. we need to pass Filename and the repository path of the file as two input string variables. The older generatePDFOutput(deprecated) process expects string as input as we supply them using URLSPec datatype however the new ES4 process expects the input as a Document.

Please can anyone help us how to pass a document variable dynamically(repository:///root folder/folder...) to the newer generateOutputPDF process? Please help.


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you're trying to retrieve from repository?

From ES2 to ES3 and beyond, there is a shift to application centric.. im not familiar with ES4.

did you create a new application?

Create subfolders under the app and put your artifacts in it (ie what was in the repository prior).

To build your filepath to the repository, use SetValue object.

To retrieve that file, use ApplicationUtility.readApplicationAsset and specify the input as your path you created from the SetValue and the output to a variable of type=document.