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Hi everyone

I would like to export the xml from my first version of the form I developed and import it to the latest version.

The user has completed the old version, so I would like to transfer her information to the new form without her having to fill in the form again

When I click Export Data in Acrobat 9, I don't get the form structure and content, even if I save as XML 1.0

This is all I get:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Your assistance will be highly appreciated.



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With a data connection you define the elements in the forms data DOM.

If you do not bind any form objects to these elements of the data connection there is propably no data stored in the data DOM and so the export is almost blank.

Designer should warn you about this with a yellow warning triangle about this.



So this is really weird to me. When I remove the data connection in the form then the export works fine. I am not sure why the Data Connection would prevent the export of the XML data. I agree there isn't anything on any fields set as export  none.