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Export PDF Formular into XML - Missing fields as tags


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I cant get trough this without some help.

I'm trying to export a PDF formular to XML/XDP using the correct menu in Acrobat Reader.

I can see all my fields as tags and I can fill them by code with Delphi 10.2.

The problem is that I can't find 3 tags in the XML that I need to fill. They are simply note in the XML generated by Acrobat Reader but they are for sure usable and not hidden in the PDF form itself.

For example :

Name : <Name></Name>

First name : <Firstname></Firstname>

Date : Missing in XML file

I hope I gave you enough informations to try to help me.

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Isn't there a livecycle forum for this type of question?  This is not the forum.


Level 10

Sounds like there has been no data bindung defined for your date field. Select the date field in Designers design view and check its binding settings in the bindung tab of the object palette.