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Expandable text field/page break


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I am building a form in which I want an expandable text field that would flow and break to the next page if the user fills it out enough to fill 2 pages or more.

I have allowed page breaks in the subform the text field is in, checked 'allow page breaks' for the object and 'expand to fit' in the layout for the height (not for the width as it would cause problems if the user does not hit enter to go to the next line).

I have saved the form as Adobe Dynamic XML Form.

When I open the PDF to try it out, the text field does expand but does not go to the next page, cutting off my data at the end of the 1st page.

Could you please advise and tell me what I'm missing?

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I think I got it: I set the subform content to 'flowed' rather than 'positioned'. There is a good thread here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2540327

7. Nov 29, 2007 10:48 AM in response to: (Cris_Waller)

Re: Can LiveCycle Designer do this?


You will need to set up a structure of subforms to handle this. First wrap the fields below your expanding text fields in a subform. Keep this form set to positioned rather than flowed. Do the same for your fields above the expanding field. Next wrap all of these subforms in their own subform (this should be a subform that includes all of your form elements at this point), and set that subform to flowed. What this does is keep the fields above and below your expanding text field in the same position you have them set to on your form (the two positioned subforms). The subform that then encapsulates all of your subforms then allows the form to expand and contract based on the amount of text entered in the expanding fields. The positioned subforms will move within the flowed subform based on the expansion of the expanding text field.

To save a form as dynamic you must do a "save as", and change the type to dynamic instead of the default static. None of the expansion will work properly without the form being saved as a dynamic form.