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Hi There,

I am fairly new to LiveCycle and have inherited forms from a variety of people. I have been asked to add a an expandable table that could potential go beyond the page it has been set up on. I have successful add the table and have been able to make it expand beyond the 1st page but I am wondering if there is a way to repeat the header row on the overflow page(s) (similar to "Rows to Repeat" function on new page in Excel)?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there,

Yes it is possible, there is an option available when creating the table to include header page in subsequent pages and the option is also available in the Object Palette of the Header Row.

When the Header Row is selected, go in the Pagination tab under Object Palette. There you have a few options available including 4 check boxes on the bottom of the selected tab. "Include Header Row in Subsequent Pages" is the option that you are looking for.


I hope this will help.