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ES4 - Requesting help with complex subform set and editing data nominated subforms with binding


Level 2


I am utilizing Livecycle Designer ES4

I have reviewed all online help as well as subform snippets related to hiding table subforms based on a data object. (the movie/category example).  Yet, I'm still struggling. 

Here is the scenario.  My form is a dynamic flowed form but read-only?  Why?  Because I have data feeding from another source via XML that I have binded to the form so there is no need for data entry into the form.

I have one section of the form which has 5 separate tables - each in their own subform.  Only ONE of those subforms should display at run time based on data existing in the XML file.

I have created a SubForm Set for these 5 separate tables.  See the Hierarchy below.  ServicePlanSubSet is the subform set and 5 tables are included.  I've also expanded out the first table titled "TBISERVICE"

The data binding mapped will only have data for ONE of the tables within the subform subset - and I only want to display the table that has the data.  The POC1 value maps to Q19389.  If that value is blank then I don't want to display the table TBISERVICE.  I'm using the Edit Data Nominated Subforms but just can't get it to work.

See last example of that dialog box.  I'm not clear on what to put in the Binding field (where I state "NOTSURE?" and I'm not sure if my expression is right.  I've tried to adjust both values to different things but I just can't get it to work.  In some cases I get the error the data binding is not accurate and other times it just doesn't display any table when I have data in it.


Subform Subset


Subform for 1st table


Data binding for Table 1


Edit Data Nominated Subforms Dialog box


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