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Error Invoking adobe livecycle process from Documentum Workflow method


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I have written a documentum workflow method which generates xml files dynamically and send it to the adobe server to convert the xml file to pdf and return the pdf document.When I ran the code from my local machine it is working fine,but when I deployed the code in the Documentum Server where JBoss is the application server,the code is throwing null in getting a InvocationResponse object,

Below the code I have written

public class PDFTemplateWorkflow extends WorkflowMethod {

private static final String REQUEST_PACKAGE = "Package0";
private static final String FEE_PACKAGE = "Package1";

public int doTask(IDfWorkitem workitem, IDfProperties activityParameters,
   PrintWriter printWriter) throws Exception
   /*Read the activity parameters */
   System.out.println("Entering into doTask Method");
   String requestPackage =activityParameters.getString(REQUEST_PACKAGE);
   System.out.println("First Package is "+requestPackage);
   String feePackage =activityParameters.getString(FEE_PACKAGE);
   System.out.println("Second Package is"+feePackage);

   Properties ConnectionProps = new Properties();
   ServiceClientFactory factory = null;
   IDfSession session = null;
   String DocumentID = null;
   String prepopulatedValues=null;
   HashMap params1 = new HashMap();
   HashMap params2 = new HashMap();
   Object application_id=null;
   String LoginName;
   String Address;
   String formName;
   String DocumentumFolderPath;
   String operationName="FEE_PAYMENT";
   String applicationName="FEE_PAYMENT";
    //Set connection properties required to invoke LiveCycle ES2
    ConnectionProps.setProperty("DSC_DEFAULT_SOAP_ENDPOINT", "http://hydhtc137429d:8080");
    ConnectionProps.setProperty("DSC_SERVER_TYPE", "JBoss");
    ConnectionProps.setProperty("DSC_CREDENTIAL_USERNAME", "administrator");
    ConnectionProps.setProperty("DSC_CREDENTIAL_PASSWORD", "password");
    // Create a ServiceClientFactory instance
    factory = ServiceClientFactory.createInstance(ConnectionProps);
    ServiceClient myServiceClient = factory.getServiceClient();
    System.out.println("ServiceClient Object is "+myServiceClient);
    Date currentDate = new Date();
    SimpleDateFormat formatter= new SimpleDateFormat("dd/MM/yyyy");
    String dateNow = formatter.format(currentDate);
    System.out.println("Now the date is :=>  " + dateNow);
    if (workitem instanceof IDfWorkitemEx) {
     IDfWorkitemEx workitemEx = (IDfWorkitemEx) workitem;
     application_id = workitemEx.getPrimitiveVariableValue("application_id");
     System.out.println("Application id of the document is"+application_id);
    Address=LoginName + "Park Street";
    DocumentumFolderPath = "/Infy_test/Adobe_Test/"+application_id;
    formName = "FeePayment_"+application_id;
    prepopulatedValues = "<PaymentLetter>"
     + "<ApplicationID>" + application_id + "</ApplicationID>"
     + "<Date>" + dateNow + "</Date>"
     + "<ApplicantName>" + LoginName + "</ApplicantName>"
     + "<ApplicantAddress>" + Address + "</ApplicantAddress>"
     + "</PaymentLetter>";
          System.out.println("xml structure is : " + prepopulatedValues);
           //writing into xml file
           FileWriter fstreamout = new FileWriter("F:/Adobe/FeePayment.xml");
           BufferedWriter out = new BufferedWriter(fstreamout);
           //Close the output stream
           File ImageXML = new File("F:/Adobe/FeePayment.xml");  
        InputStream inXML = new FileInputStream(ImageXML);
        Document inputXML = new Document(inXML);
           params1.put("InputFormData", inputXML);
           params1.put("InputFormName", "FormatofPaymentLetter.pdf");
    //Create an InvocationRequest object to send request to Adobe to create pdf file
           System.out.println("Entering first method to transform xml to pdf");
    InvocationRequest request =  factory.createInvocationRequest(
      "EndtoEndFlow/RenderForm",        //Specify the short-lived process name
      "invoke",           //Specify the operation name   
      params1,               //Specify input values
      true);               //Create a synchronous request

    //Send the invocation request to the short-lived process and
    //get back an invocation response -- outDoc refers to the output parameter for the
    System.out.println("request object is "+request);
    System.out.println("till this point success");
    InvocationResponse response = myServiceClient.invoke(request);
    System.out.println("response object is "+response);
    Document myPDFfile = (Document)response.getOutputParameter("ReaderExtendedForm");
    System.out.println("pdf file is"+myPDFfile);
    System.out.println("final sucess");
    //writing the pdf to the file
    InputStream tempStream = myPDFfile.getInputStream();
    File f = new File("F:/Adobe/FeePayment.pdf");       
          OutputStream outStream=new FileOutputStream(f);
          byte buf[]=new byte[(int) myPDFfile.length()];
          int len;
         //end of first invocation method
           IDfSysObject sysobject=(IDfSysObject) session.newObject("sebi_reg_document");
           System.out.println("creating an instance of sebi_reg_document object");
           sysobject.setString("applicant_name", applicationName);
           sysobject.setString("application_id", application_id.toString());
           sysobject.setString("operation_name", operationName);
           sysobject.setString("a_content_type", "pdf");
           sysobject.setPath("F:/Adobe/FeePayment.pdf", "pdf", 0, null);
           String r_object_id=sysobject.getString("r_object_id");
           System.out.println("Document id created is "+r_object_id);
           IDfId id=new DfId(r_object_id);
           System.out.println("Document successfully created in Docbase");
           workitem.addAttachment("Package1", id);
   catch(Exception e){
    return 0;

Can soneone please help me on this



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