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Error executing cancelAction on pre-sign event?


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Hello everyone!

I'm having an issue about cancelling sign action on presign event (signature field) on LC designer ES 8.2.

The fact is i've a jscript validation function that validate some requiriments in the presign event, if everything goes well then it return a "true" boolean and continues the sign action, if the response is "false" then i trigger a 'xfa.event.cancelAction = 1' to cancel signing action. If i try to click again over signature field after the first error is reported by the preSign event, the form will not be able to validate and report additional errors: it will always show a "Sign cancelled" message error instead to perform expected presign jscript code again.

Any idea how to perform a correct cancel Action to aboid sign if form does not pass my validation code or why i'm having this error if my try is the correct way to perform it?

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Can you check what you have set the target version for the form (File > Form Properties > Defaults tab)?

The cancelAction property was introduced in XFA specification 2.8. This means that the user MUST be using Acrobat/Reader version 9.0 as a minimum.

Hope that helps,


Assure Dynamics


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Thank you Niall, this behaviour only happens on adobe reader X if i try it on adobe 9.3.x or 9.4.x it works correctly, only on adobe reader X failed. maybe its a bug?


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Hi, I presume that the form is Reader Enabled (???). If it is, then it would

be worthwhile logging a bug with Adobe.