Error: arithmetic over/underflow - Divided by zero?




Im newbie on Adobe LiveCycle. Ive successfully create a form and now I wanted to put some calculating on it.

Everything is fine, pdf is calculating, but Im getting an errors, because I understand that Im trying to calculate with the filed, those are empty - not inputed yet as a zero fields => divide by zero... ?

May somebody please help me, how to write the formula to not get the errors?

My actual formula is:

pod11.rawValue = ( ( ( pod2.rawValue * ( pod8.rawValue / 100 ) ) - pod6.rawValue ) / pod2.rawValue ) * 100

Thank You very much for the help!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there,

to prevent errors within calculate you should verify each fields to make sure there is no rawValue that is equal to null..

if you are using formcalc, use "<>" or "ne" to specify not equal to

if you are using javascript, use "!=" or "!==" to specify not equal to

Hope this will help!