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Endpoint stops to work - Quartz problem handling triggers?


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we have a LiveCycle ES4 turnkey installation on Windows Server 2008 and SQLServer. We have set some email and watched folder endpoint. Sometimes, some of these endpoint stop to work without any evident reasons (as far as we can check, no activity peak for the endpoint). Documents remains in the endpoint but are not processed; Livecycle log do not show any error, but in connection with endpoint hanging, there are a lot INFO messages like this: "[com.adobe.idp.scheduler.jobstore.DSCJobStoreTX] Handling x trigger(s) that missed their scheduled firetime". The messages repeat for hours, and the endpoint do not work until we restart the JBoss service.

We searched the Internet for solutions, it seems a problem related to Quartz scheduler, but we cannot found a solution for this. Previously we had a Livecycle ES2 installation, with the same problem, we found many request of help in ancient Adobe forums, but not answers. Anyone has the same problem? May be we have to adjust some configuration?

Thanky you.


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Hi Luca,

We are also facing the same problem. Did you get any solution on this? Please provide the solution ASAP.