enable paperforms barcode in reader

evanc40155467 25-03-2015

Please forgive me if this is the wrong forum or if this has already been answered (first time post).  I've done extensive searching and reading and, despite many articles and posts related to the topic (here and other blogs) I can't get the answers I'm looking for - and can't seem to get an adobe representative to return a call.

I am an existing Adobe Acrobat Pro customer (group license - windows7 32/64b) looking to enable paperforms barcode extensions in reader.  We are a relatively small shop and expect that we would add pdf417 codes to a handful of existing forms and expect returns from several hundred users.  If I understand documentation correctly, licensing can be on a per-form basis or per-user basis.  I do not expect that the per-form basis (max 25?) would be exceeded over several years.

I've designed a set of forms in LiveCycle Designer 8.2 with pdf417 barcodes and need to add whatever licensing is necessary to extend this functionality to Reader.  We do not have, nor want to build out a full livecycle enterprise system/server/integration.  I believe this is a bit of overkill for our needs.  We have a decoding and data extraction workflow in place that satisfies the downstream data needs.

What I'd like to see is a licensing option that would allow us to extend paperforms barcodes to reader and continue to design forms in livecycle designer.  If someone can point me in the right direction or an Adobe representative can contact me directly to discuss particulars that would be greatly appreciated.


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

George_Johnson 26-03-2015

It's actually easier to enable the forms using the pdfjt than with the LiveCycle Reader Extensions, which does require that you set up a server, though I believe it can be on a workstation. The Datalogics people will be able to provide more guidance.

Test_Screen_Nam 26-03-2015

You don't need a server to run LiveCycle enabling solutions, but you do need a separate app or developer tool which signs and changes the entire PDF. It isn't just a key.

evanc40155467 26-03-2015


Thanks very much for the response.  I've contacted the datalogics folks and they've been very helpful (got a test version of pdfjt).  I haven't actually built out a test for this (gonna do this today) but it seems like this would be more involved.  Do you know if the datalogics extension key/certificate can be embedded in existing forms - without having to build the forms through the pdfjt?  If this is how these sorts of tasks are accomplished - then I'll move in this direction but it does seem like one should be able to embed the key (even manually if needs be) without all the overhead of a server-based solution.