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How do I change the default text in emails from "here are the photos I wish to share with you" to something more appropriate for me?  I can certainly alter the text once the email is created but I would like to change the default.

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I assume you are talking about emails sent on the User Service for Task Assignments Reminders and Deadlines?

There are several ways that you can set these email templates:

1) The generic email template is set in the adminui and applies to all emails sent to users for Task Assignments, Reminders and Deadlines (single and group).

You can check this blog entry for further details: http://blogs.adobe.com/livecycle/?p=309

2) You can set  up customized email templates on each User service for Task Assignments, Reminders and Deadlines.

The tab is called Custom Emal Templates.

Doing it on the User service gives you access to use Xpath expressions and you can cusotmize it per user step.

See the following Help entries: