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Email submit does not work; print button does not work online


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I installed livecycle 8 from cs3 onto a windows 7, 64 bit laptop

I created a sample form to see how it works  (sample form  http://neelyranch.com/dogbabysittingform.pdf )

Inside the program the form fills nicely, the print button works to my local printer, but the email submit does nothing

I saved and uploaded the file as pdf online and tried it from my browser (chrome)

Neiher print nor email submit buttons work

I saved it as reader extended via adobe 8 with no change

So, ??? am I doing wrong here

Just a quick edit here

I ran the form in Safari, mozila and ie8

in all three the print button did work online, but in all three the email submit did not.

nothing worked in chrome

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I tried your form, and it worked for me. the xml data was signed, a msg popped up, and then I was asked which email client I wanted to use. I choose the desktop client (outlook), na dit prepared the message.

The print button also worked.

I was using Outlook 2010, and Acrobat Pro 11.0.3.

Are you just using Reader? what version?



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also make sure chrome is configured to ue Adobe Acrobat/Reader to view/open PDF's.

you could check by going to



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Thanks for both of  the responses. If you did select send then I did not receive anything.  I did check chrome plugins and found a message requiring an adobe update for pdf 9.

I updated the pdf reader which gave me an update to pdf 11

I revisited the sample form in live cycle and the online print routine now works in chrome and ie8 but the send email does not send

When I select the send button after completing all of the other fields, I get a message 'preparing to send ...' then a window pops up with nothng in it but a greyed out top heading row, then it disappears and that is it.

Has to be something between the button and the email pgm that is not connecting (my default is gmail)

Same result in both chrome and ie8 - zip.



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Same for me. I have a form, which I want to get submitted after being filled. I have successfully added a button 'Submit by email'. When I am testing it - it doesn't work properly. First a window appears, which asks me about the email account. Then - a browser window which asks me access to my email box. After I allow the access - nothing's happening. Just a message in the right corner about the status of a process 'Preparing to send message...' and that's all. As far as I understand a draft message has to be created, but it's not! Please help to resolve the problem!


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If you're using a webmail account the mails always will be stored in the draft folder.