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Dynamical table: Header doesn't repeat on following pages


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I have a problem with a dynamic table that goes over several pages:

The two header rows appear only on the firs page and are not repeated on the following pages as they should.

I also tried to delete one of the two header rows, but that didn't change anything.

Can anybody help me.

Kind regards, Sandro

The form is here:


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In the Object > Pagination box just make sure the 'Include Header Row in Subsequent Pages' box is ticked. That should fix it.


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Did you get a response?  I'm having the same problem.


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Hi Sandro Fischer and meem23, here is exactly what you guys need to do to make it work properly :

1 - The page needs to be "Flowed".

2 - Put your table into a "Flowed" subform

3 - Check the Allow page break within content for both.

4 - Your table must allow page break within content too.

5 - Group your 2 Header as a section.

6 - In the section's options, select "Include Header Row in Initial page" and "Include Header Row in Subsequent Pages".

7 - Go into the Binding tab of the section, and select "Repeat Section for Each data Item" and "Min count : 1". Leave the rest blank.

This should be working, I have done it on your form and it is working.