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Dynamic Tables help


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If I have a table and I want some rows  to be dynamic and others not is this possible? (for example rows 1-4 don't need to be dynamic but row 5 does).

How would I do this?

I tried making two seperate tables and making each table it's own subform and setting the one I need and the whole form as Flowed content but it doesn't work. is it because I have two tables?

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Yes of course.

You create your table.

In the dynamic rows the textobjects get two properties

  • expand to fit (layout | height)dt1.jpg
  • allow multiple lines (object | field) dt2.jpg

  • The static textobjects needs only "limit lengths to visible area".
  • Then you wrap the table into a subform. This subform needs "content" "flowed". (object | subform)
  • Then the subform of the page needs the same settings. ("content" "flowed". (object | subform))
  • Then save the form as dynamic.

In the example I make the Row 1 and 4 dynamic.


Hope it will helps,