Dynamic forms and Fill & Sign option



Hi all,

I am working on a project within my company which is responsible for reading data from a database and populating that data onto a form created with Adobe LiveCycle.  We are running into one issue.  The data read from the database can be of various sizes.  For example, a user who answers a question with a one line answer vs a user that answers a question with multiple lines will have different amounts of data saved in the database, and therefore we wanted to customize the text boxes on the form to grow and shrink based on the data read.  We are using the dynamic form option when creating the form through LiveCycle to achieve this.

However, this is causing a big problem for us.  When the PDF is generated and filled in through mapping the answers to the elements on the form, the Fill & Sign option is showing as disabled.  The user has to manually "Print" the pdf in order to generate a read only copy of the form before the Fill & Sign option is enabled.  We need the Fill & Sign option to be enabled once the PDF is initially opened, and because of regulations we are unable to use the Electronic Signature fields in the form.

Does anyone have any experience with this issue, or has found a workaround that would simply the process to just one step?  I am a novice user of LiveCycle so maybe there are some tricks that I am unaware of.  I realize the way Adobe's Fill & Sign works is incompatible with the dynamic nature of forms, but hopefully someone has figured a workaround.



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