Dynamic drop down, duplicate fields don't show hidden fields



A month ago I did a form with three identical dropdowns (Nationality with options) in three different subforms and it works fine. In each, if you select "Other", you have to fill out more fields, and everything is fine. I have now been asked to put in two more dropdowns with nationality in a different part of the form. I copied the fields and put them into two new subforms.

The first (old) part still works fine. But if I use the "Other" function in the first  (old) part (no matter if I do it in one or all three places), the first new "Other" function does not work. If I don't use "Other" in the first part, the first new "Other" works. The second new "Other" function does not work at all. I have checked that the script uses the right subforms.

Can anyone help???

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