Duplicating a Page in Live Cycle ES3



I need to copy a page in Live Cycle ES3 and modify it slightly so that I have two nearly identical pages.

I've tried duplicating the page (selecting the page in the Hierarchy window, then selecting "Edit > Duplicate" from the main menu.

  • Result is that I have what appears to be two pages in the Hierarchy window, but clicking on either returns the same page that now has duplicate content.
  • It appears that my actions have just created duplicate content on the same page.

I've tried adding a new page by selecting the top node in the Hierarchy window then selecting "Insert > New Page" from the main menu.

  • This adds a new blank page at the bottom of the hierarchy window, which seems like progress until I try to move the new page into the desired position between two existing pages, at which point the page disappears.


How can I create a duplicate of page 6?

Thanks very much in advance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)





It should be as easy as that to duplicate a page.  Sounds almost like your top element, vaco0750, has been set to positioned content ... which shouldn't happen.  Can you select vaco0750, go View ... XML Source, you should see a line like <subform name="vaco0750" layout="tb"> If you don't see the layout="tb" part, try adding it back in.



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Answers (1)



Thank you Bruce. I added the layout attribute and suddenly it just worked. One minor issue that may or may not be related: As I finished my modifications and checked the form I found text was not displaying (in the hierarchy and PDF preview views) for a large number of text boxes. Found that if I double-clicked inside the text box twice, the text would suddenly appear again. I just went around double clicking all the affected text boxes and it all came back together. Weird but ultimately trivial...just documenting it in case someone else runs into it.