Duplicate radio groups

JbabinFD 01-12-2017

I have an inspection form that has 53 questions, each has a Yes, No & N/A option. I have create a radio button group on line 1 that is working correctly. Some additional information about the form.

A 5x53 table was created, see the image below.

Table Image.png

Is there a way to create the other 52 radio groups without having to create them manually, I tried a simple Copy & Paste but it creates a radio group for each cell in the row.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



It might be easiest to select the row and then duplicate it, either CTRL-D or use the menu Edit ... Duplicate.

Designer does have Fragments that allows that sort of re-use, have a look at Adobe LiveCycle ES3 * Using fragments