Dropdown Exit Event controlling Checkbox not running Checkbox Change Event (HELP)

m_tirpak 19-03-2018

I'm drafting a form to have an excel style table do some simple budgeting calculations but in adobe. I'm about to tear out my hair because I can't figure out why it isn't functioning properly. I'm a completely self-taught designer so it could be something very basic that I'm missing.

I have a subform that mimics a table so that it can expand by columns instead of rows.


Each subform/column has a drop down (shown in red) that is meant to control a set of checkboxes (in red). There is a switch statement associated with the dropdown on the exit event.


case "1": //MTDC

Boxes.checkbox1.rawValue = 1;

Boxes.checkbox2.rawValue = 0;

Boxes.checkbox3.rawValue = 0;

Boxes.checkbox4.rawValue = 1;




case "2": //TDC

Boxes.checkbox1.rawValue = 0;





Each row of the subform is a different type of expense (supplies, wages, etc.) and includes a checkbox. The checkboxes control a calculation on the change event that determines whether or not the amount for that expense type is included in a subtotal (shown in red).

if (this.rawValue == "1") {

EntryCell.OtherExpX.rawValue = CheckTotal.OtherExp.rawValue; //if checked include in subtotal



EntryCell.OtherExpX.rawValue = null; //if unchecked excluded from subtotal



A secondary column that is hidden "EntryCell.[fieldnameX]" collects the values for rows that are checked and adds them up.

The Problem:

The first time I use the drop down, the checkboxes and subtotal calculations work. If I change the dropdown, the checkboxes change based on the Switch Statement in the dropdown. Their Change Event script doesn't update. So the types of expenses included in the subtotal calculation doesn't get updated. Manually changing the checkboxes at any time still works, just not the by using the drop down more than once.

Example of the error:


If everything worked the calculated fields at the bottom should read:





Please take pity on this poor autodidact.

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MinusZero 19-03-2018


I have found that even if you tell another object to change, the change event for other object wont execute unless it has had focus. Hence why the checkboxes will calculate correctly when you click on them.

I figure that the xfa.form.recalculate(1); line in your dropdownlist object to recalculate isnt working as it only recalculates the calculate event, not the change event.