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Drop Down List Selection to determine Recipient


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Hi Everyone,

I am at a loss as to how to proceed.  I'll explain my situation.

I am consturcting a form using LiveCycle for Tutoring Referrals.

So basically a faculty member will fill out the form and using a dropdown list, will select 1. Math Tutor 2. Science Tutor or 3. Writing Tutor.

Now I need the drop down list selection to determine who actually gets the completed form.  (i.e. if Math Tutor is selected, form routed ONLY to the math tutor)

I hope that makes sense, I've tried searching the forums but haven't had any luck.   Thanks.


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Hi Eric, welcome to the wonderful world of Livecycle!

I might caution you that I am not scripting expert and I am 100% that there is some type of javascript that one could code changing the properties of a "submit by email" button; however since I am not an expert I will take a non-expert approach.

My suggestion would be to use the Action Builder and then 3 "submit by email" buttons. What you can do is create each button with its own email address and subject line. You can even stack all 3 buttons on top of each other. Then set them all to hidden in the object tab. Then go to your Action Builder and create a new action on your drop down box where when the user selects Math Tutor, to show the Math Tutor "submit by email" button. And then do an action for the remaining selections in your dropdown list. If yout really want to dummy proof your form you can create another set of actions where if one selection is made the others are hidden. I know that this can be a lot to take in so I built you a sample copy my public Acrobat.com workspace. Download it and open it in Livecycle to see what I did.