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Drop-Down List Local Unbound Data Source


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I am very new to LiveCycle, and I am working to create my first form.

Long Story:

The form will be in PDF format, for offline use by employees completing the form. The form uses JavaScript asthe default code language. I have a repeating subform containing three (3) fields, all of which are Drop-Down Lists. The first is a 'plain text' description of an item code, the second is the item code itself, and the third has information about the item. I have an access database containing the information from which I exported to XML for deployment to the employee computers so that it can be updated as the lists change. The selection from either the first or second column should complete the others based on the information in the XML file. On the Data View palette I did the following:

     New Data Connection

     Named it 'Codes'

     Selected Sample XML Data

     Selected the File Location for the XML file

     Clicked finish

The data connection shows up in the palette as expected, but in the Hierarchy it changes my form name above master to the data connection, and breaks the code references of the form. I am not binding my form back to a database for data storage, but do intend to allow the users to save the completed form locally.

Short Story (or summary):

1.) How do I set Drop-Down Lists to reference a datasource without changing the existing data structure of the form or other fields?

2.) How do I set one box to update another based on this selection?

I have read many posts about this topic, but none of which seemed to me to address the question at hand. If I missed the one that does, I apologize and would appreciate being pointed in that direction.

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I am still looking for a solution. I am open to using a back end file other than XML, such as access if someone can guide me how to do it. When I attach an access file, I can set my drop down list to it, but I cannot see anything in the table to make selections from. Clicking the arrow does not appear to do anything.


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I can't help you with this myself as I've not done it but there are quite a few tutorials kicking around the net.

Simple ODBC Connections in Adobe LiveCycle:


Connecting a form to a database:


Database connected forms:



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I have looked at those before and again. I can add the ODBC connection and if i use a simple text box it will display the first value, but when i add a data drop down list box it still will not populate the data. Anyone have any idea what I may be doing wrong? My entire form is hinging on the fact of making this feature work.