Does LiveCycle Designer include Paper Forms Barcode

rhondam60708483 10-01-2017

I received this tip below but I thought Designer included Paper Forms Barcode. Can anyone give me definite answer. I am having trouble finding. I have ES4

The Paper Forms Barcode object encodes data that users type into a fillable PDF form. Use of this object for paper forms processing requires Adobe LiveCycle Barcoded Forms, available with a separate license.

Thank you

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You cannot enable Reader Extensions from LiveCycle or AEM Forms Designer directly. You can add a limited set of Reader Extensions to the PDF if you have Acrobat Professional. For the full set of Reader Extension rights, you need the AEM Forms Reader Extensions Service, and 2D barcode is a right the server service can provide. PLease see the documentation at [1].

[1] Adobe Experience Manager Help | Overview of AEM Document Services

See :"Reader Extension Service"

jnicholas330 15-01-2017

You can create forms with Paper Forms Barcodes using Designer. However, they can only be viewed using the Acrobat Standard or Professional, unless Reader Extensions are enabled. This situation may be evolving, as usage right signatures are deprecated in PDF 2.0.