Does download version of LiveCycle Designer ES4 include SP1?



I've just purchased Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES4.  I see that there is at least one service pack for ES4.  Is that service pack (SP1) included in the version of ES4 which I downloaded, or do I need to install SP1 separately?  I'm asking because SP1 was apparently released some time ago, so perhaps it's now included in the download version of ES4?  I assume however that the answer to my question is "No, you must download & install SP1 separately" because the About... details for my copy of Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES4 show that I've got version 11.0.0.[etc.] whereas SP1 would apparently bring me up to version 11.0.1  Also, are there any service packs besides SP1?

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I can also confirm that as of December 1, 2015 (3 days ago) the SPI installation for LiveCycle ES4 Designer has to be installed separately. Very important for users interested in checking accessibility within LiveCycle and in generating Section 508 compliant static PDF forms from LiveCycle Designer.



I can confirm that as of 2 months ago, the Adobe LCES Designer 11 installation requires the SP1 to be installed separately (I keep both .exe's together in the same folder and you only need you product key on hand for the LCD 11 install, not the subsequent SP1 install).

Only then will the Version ID change to 11.0.1

I'm not aware of any additional Service Packs released since the original. My cursory investigation of the background/purpose of SP1 indicates that it was primarily released to enable and improve the web form services (functionality related to Forms Manager, use of XFA forms technology on mobile/tablet devices, cloud storage and access for forms) which is something I won't invest my time in until someone can confirm that collecting and sharing data between multiple users is not going to cost me $20,000+

Hope this info helps.

Cheers David